• Easy to use dashboard

    Set your title, game. Use many of widgets in our amazing easy to use dashboard.

  • Quick support

    Do you need help? Ask your questions on discordcommunity forum and get your answers quick! Do you need bot change? Feel free to ask for new features!

  • So. Many. Integrations

    Features several integrations. Share your stream status on Twitter. Get donation data from Streamlabs, StreamElements and more!

  • OBS Websocket

    Control your stream through sogeBot! Use predefined actions or use advanced mode and leverage amazing obs-websocket through obs-websocket-js library.

  • Raffles, Polls

    Make a great giveaways. Ask your users and make them part of your stream!

  • Chat games

    Wheel of Fortune, Betting, Heists, Duel, Roulette

  • Advanced permission system

    Set permission by watched time, if user is follower/subscriber and many more!

  • Events system

    Set commands or other actions as response to various events!

  • Loyalty system

    Let users hoard a lot of points, which they can lose in raffles or other chat games!

  • Overlays

    Lot of overlays. Alerts, Eventlist, Randomizer and many more!

  • Excellent customization

    Almost everything can be customized in this bot. Custom languages, overlays, alerts.

  • PostgreSQL, SQLite3, MySQL

    We are supporting several database engines to use with our bot!

  • Docker Deployment

    Nightlies and release can be obtained and run with docker.

  • Multiple languages

    Čeština, English, Deutsch, русский. Help us to expand our languages at our community translation site

  • git clone git@github.com:sogehige/sogeBot-docker.git sogebot
  • cd sogebot
  • docker-compose up -d