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Free Twitch Bot built on Node.js

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If you found an issue with a bot, feel free to create issue at https://github.com/sogehige/SogeBot/issues.
You can also contact me on my email sogehige@gmail.com or get support on our discord server.

System Description
Alias Don’t like default commands? Make an alias!
Checklist Pre-stream customizable checklist
Keywords Bot will respond on certain keywords
Points / Loyalty Points system for your users
Price Make viewers to spend points on e.g. !songrequest
Ranks Create ranks for your viewers
Scrim Scrim system to play againts your viewers in Fortnite etc.
Custom commands Create custom commands, call custom APIs, set custom variables
Timers Post a response every x seconds, x messages
Queue Do you lost track of viewers who wants to play with you? Use !queue and be fair!
Raffles Create raffles for you giveaways!
Youtube Songrequest and playlist support for YouTube with trimming of videos and auto volume normalization
Spotify Songrequest for Spotify Premium Users
Cooldowns Stop spamming of commands with cooldowns!
Permissions Set your custom permissions for your commands! (owner, mods, regular, viewer)
Moderation Automoderate links, colors, symbols, blacklist and more!
Twitch Be able to change your game and title from webpanel and much more! !uptime, !lastseen, etc.
Webpanel and Stats Bot is tracking your twitch stats and bot webpanel is user friendly and full of features!
Many widgets for your dashboard: customizable soundboard (/public/dist/soundboard/), follower list, twitch monitor, bets, songs and more
Be able to set your !title and !game from dashboard and save them for further use! Use custom variables in titles
Overlay Use various overlays in your OBS or XSplit
PhillipsHue Blink your lights on follower or any other event
Events On numerous events run commands, send messages, do whatever!
Chat Games bets, heists, duels, wheel of fortune
Integrations Streamlabs, DonationAlerts.ru, Twitter
Game Description
Gambling !seppuku, !roulette commands
Duel !duel - bet your points, only one can win
Heists !bankheist
Wheel Of Fortune !wof
Overlay Description
Emotes Show chat message emotes in your stream!
Stats Show viewers, follower, uptime
ImageCarousel Simple image fadeIn/fadeOut carousel
Alerts Show images, play audio/video
Clips Show clips created through events as replays
Credits End credits like in a movie
Text Show text and variables ($ytSong etc.)
Eventlist Show last events
Wheel Of Fortune Show wheel of fortune spin
Bets Show current bet
Goals Show your goals!


  • Cestina
  • English






See LICENSE file

Special thanks

Special thanks goes to team behing tmi.js (you can check it on https://www.tmijs.org/) and twitch-js (https://github.com/marcandrews/twitch-js). They did really awesome job.

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